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Rotoscoping is a technique used for frame by frame tracing over live-action motion picture footage. WhiteFX uses latest software and techniques for tracing characters, hair or objects to create new alpha channels that can be used for various purposes.

  • VFX Roto
  • Green/Blue Screen Keying
  • Matt Extraction


Paint or Prep is a technique used to clean plates of live action footage. WhiteFX uses advanced software and techniques for adding or removing elements from the footage with great precision.

  • Wire Removals
  • Rig Removals
  • Camera/Reflection Removals
  • Crew/Object Removals
  • Clean Plate Removals
  • Dust/Scratch Removals


Beautification/De-aging is a part of Paint technique that helps in cosmetic clean-ups of characters in the footage to look younger. WhiteFX uses advanced software and techniques to help cosmetic
clean-ups on the plates.

  • Face/Body Retouches
  • Digital Make-ups
  • Tattoo Clean-ups
  • Wrinkles Clean-ups
  • Beard/Hair Removals
  • Acne Scars/Age spots Removals

Matchmove/Camera Tracking

Matchmove or Camera Tracking is a technique that tracks the motion of a camera in a 3D environment, which helps to synchronize the elements created with original movements of the footage. WhiteFX uses advanced software and techniques to extract all space and body tracks with great precision from all angles no matter how any shot has been filmed.

  • Camera Tracking
  • Object Tracking

Rotomation/Body Tracking

Rotomation/Rotoanimation/Body Tracking is a technique used for frame by frame tracing over live- action motion picture footage to match the CG elements. WhiteFX uses latest software and techniques for tracing characters.


Keying, also known as chroma keying or green screen/blue screen keying, is a VFX technique used to isolate specific elements/characters within a shot from its background. This creates a transparent area that can be replaced with a new background, placing characters in fantastical environments or seamlessly integrating them into different scenes. WhiteFX uses advanced skills to achieve clean keys that seamlessly integrate foreground elements with the background plates.


Compositing is a technique where live-action footage is seamlessly blended with computer- generated imagery (CGI), animations, and other visual effects to create the final, stunning image. WhiteFX uses advanced techniques like color correction, rotoscoping and green screen keying to achieve photorealism, creating a believable and immersive experience for the audience.

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